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The Frontier Tuque

The Frontier Ventures program consists of one internal venture and one partner venture every year. Our first internal venture is The Frontier Tuque.


The Frontier Tuque is both a question and a statement.

The question: What happens when design is applied to an existing object in order to improve it in every possible way?  

The statement: We have created a winter hat that we believe is be the world’s best. It not only performs better than others, it is socially responsible, taking absolute care that making it doesn’t cause harm along the way (no matter the cost).

The Frontier Tuque stands for quality over affordability as a way of understanding the hidden systems of commerce around us. As much art project as viable commercial enterprise, it is an argument against disposable fashion and for a return to craftsmanship in every sense. It proclaims that design is far more than what a thing looks like.  It is about it how it works, how it came to be, what it is made of, and who made it.

We will continue to post updates on this first ventures project as it evolves.

Partner Ventures Program

We welcome applicants to our year-long program where we provide lean design services to help startups establish their brand, communications, and product experiences in exchange for aggressively reduced rates and equity stake. We take on one partner venture project every year. Email us at to apply for the program.

Meet the Tuque Testers

From a tumultuous trip to Mount Everest Base Camp, to a busy day in one of Toronto's most revered meat lockers — what goes into testing the world's best tuque?

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The Frontier Tuque

The exhilarating discoveries, esoteric research, iterative prototyping, and invaluable lessons we learned in designing and making the world’s best tuque

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How Warm Should a Tuque Be?

Late last year we launched our inaugural Frontier Magazine, wherein we put forth our first design challenge: designing the world's best tuque.

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The World’s Best Tuque

Frontier is committed to supporting creative exploration. Whether that's a winter trip through the city in search of some undiscovered pocket or sitting down to conceive some new creative project. Our first project focuses on a Canadian icon: The Tuque.

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