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Building a story about the walls around us and the potential they hold.


Known for its high standard of design and forward-thinking office and interior furniture, Teknion approached Frontier to reposition the sales and marketing of its architectural products.

Behind a simple facade, walls can be complicated feat of engineering, which is why we interviewed members of the internal sales team, regional dealerships, and clients in order to better understand the specific challenges and common approaches. We also held workshops designed to unpack, clarify, and formulate the messages and tools that would be most effective across the team’s many audiences.

Our research-based brand positioning emphasized the inventive and problem-solving character of the sales and design team. We also shot original photography and video, developed key messaging, and designed a sales presentation that could be customized to suit individual audiences and empower sales people of various levels of expertise.

Teknion invents, designs, manufactures, and sells a wide portfolio of furniture throughout the world. The challenge it was facing with its wall products was that, unlike the majority of its furniture, interior walls require specialized expertise and in-depth product knowledge to sell. This complexity meant only a small portion of Teknion’s sales staff was equipped to advance a sale, and the marketing tools for its other products didn’t translate well to the nuances of an interior wall. Change was necessary.



Working closely with the Teknion executive team, we brought together interior-wall staff from across North America to better understand their challenges and product journey. Based on the insight that wall sales are a complex and detailed process, involving several audiences, we designed a presentation that could be customized for the recipient, allowing sales staff to focus on what was pertinent in that moment without losing clarity or consistency of message.

Our flexible tool could also be customized for less expert staff, activating a previously dormant segment of Teknion’s sales team.




A focus on strategy before execution. Frontier really took the time to learn our business and our clients. The process was interactive. All the exercises and workshops were well organized and engaging.

Steve Delfino Vice President, Corporate Marketing & Product Management


Photography by Nick Kozak. Video by Wyatt Clough.

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