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We live in a fragmented accelerating world that’s only getting more complex. In a time when the competition for our attention is fierce, how can we understand what really matters and inspire ourselves to rally around a common purpose?

Everything you do is an expression of your purpose. From the words you speak to the graphics on your website to the experiences you create for the people that matter to you. But these things are rarely considered as parts of a whole. They are often seen as separate. The result can be confusion that can go right to the core of your organization.

We are passionate about identity. We believe that organizations that deeply understand who they are and their essential human purpose are far more likely to achieve it. So we design purpose and identity.


It’s a process of discovery and invention. We start by understanding you you are and what you are trying to achieve. Then we help you craft your story in a way that inspires both the people you work with as well as the people you are trying to connect with.

The foundation is your purpose and personality. It’s an understanding of what makes you you and setting an ambitious destination. It’s understanding who you are, who you are trying to reach, and what makes you different.

Then it’s about the story you tell. It’s the messages that connect and inspire the people you are trying to reach.

Finally it’s the tangible expression of your story. It’s logos, visual identity systems, websites, spaces, and even the products themselves.

When you think and work this way, you have a much stronger sense of the big picture. You connect what you are trying to achieve in the world with the people inside and outside your organization. It’s efficient, and galvanizing, and inspiring.

If any of this sounds like you, we can help. Even if you have some of the pieces, but not all. Or if you have all the pieces but could use an outsider perspective. Whether you need to define and design your purpose, or simply express it in the form of a new visual identity, or website, or space, we get excited about helping tell exciting stories that move people. Reach out to learn more:

Our Definition of Design

We believe that design is more than just what something looks like, it’s also how it works. That means we start from business objectives and work collaboratively to make sure we design what is needed most.

Our clients and partners have included The New York Jets and Giants, PepsiCo, the Holy City of Mecca, and the Fogo Island Inn in Newfoundland.


What We Do

Purpose Design
Visual Identity Design
Web Design
Story Design
Content Design
Graphic Design
Product Design
Spatial Design


Ryerson Engineering and Architectural Sciences

Visualizing complex research and action through infinite perspectives.

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Teknion Architectural Interiors

Building a story about the walls around us and the potential they hold.

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Fogo Island thumb

Fogo Island Inn

The story of the Fogo Island Inn is rich and complex. Its proprietors came to Frontier to design a website that honoured that story.

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AZ Awards 2017

Designing an identity and a platform to celebrate the world’s best in architecture and design.

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Castor is a Toronto furniture company with a unique point of view on the classic design mantra of ”form follows function.“

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Together Project

Together Project builds social bonds between Government-Assisted Refugee newcomers and Canadians by matching newcomer families with people interested in lending support during the settlement period and beyond.

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Expo for Design, Innovation & Technology

Design Exchange, Toronto’s design museum, has committed to a brand-new expo focused on how design can change the world for the better.

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Designstor is a creative technology and visualization company. Its diverse and curious team has deep expertise in rendering, space activation, and visual storytelling.

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The World’s Best Tuque

The Frontier Tuque is both a question and a statement.

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Motive Studios

When Electronic Arts (EA) decided to enter the Action Adventure market by creating Motive—a new gaming studio based in Montreal—it approached Frontier to design a brand that captured its vision.

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TIFF Questival

The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) stages an annual street party in downtown Toronto.

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Salt Flats

Launching a new venture capital company, founded on the spirit of a desert raceway.

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Frontier Magazine

Frontier is a magazine about creativity and risk. We explore and celebrate the risks people take in the process of creating something original and worthwhile.

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Designing a live event production brand that puts human interaction at centre stage.

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Rthm is a new health platform seeking to revolutionize how technology can improve health and well-being by fighting cellular aging.

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How do you provide reliable information about television in an age of digital saturation?

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This California based company is in stealth mode so we can’t say much.

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Infosec Global

This Toronto startup believes that we should have a right to secure communications.

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Gryphon Secure

Infosec Global is a new technology company focused on ultra secure communications. As a part of their portfolio they created a mobile communications device spin off company that required a full brand and product development process.

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